Dan San today announce the release of their long awaited third album, Grand Salon. Seven years after the release of their multi-award winning Shelter, the Belgian indie folk group teamed up once again with Yann Arnaud (Phoenix, Air) for Grand Salon which is set for release on April 28th via Simone Records. Their dazzling return is accompanied by their new single - “The Unknown”.

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Available now via Simone Records

“The Unknown’ is a song about the desire we all have to travel and live adventures. It highlights the difficulty of maintaining a balance between this free spirit and the desire to keep an illusory security that comes from financial stability, employment, or family ties. The song calls on listeners to break free from the monotony of daily life, echoing Thoreau’s belief that it is our duty as human beings to live intensely and suck the marrow out of life.”- Dan San

Grand Salon was a team-written project among the six members of the collective. For the final recordings the group withdrew to La Frette close to Paris. This old manor, converted into a recording studio, holds a special place in the history of modern pop. Feist, Patrick Watson, Timber Timbre, Idles, Parcels and Arctic Monkeys have all recorded many songs here. In spring 2021, in the heart of this musical Mecca, Dan San pulled together its aspirations inside the grand lounge (Grand Salon). The elegance of this room, its cornices and their extremely refined curves, provided a vintage setting to the sessions recorded with producer Yann Arnaud (Phoenix, Air & Syd Matters). With the benefit of his experience and his strong sensitivity, the latter advocates purity and has guided Dan San towards new summits.

Grand Salon is out April 28th is out via Simone Records

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