In a groundbreaking announcement, Dallas-based metal powerhouse DESCENT is proud to declare their official partnership with Wormholedeath. This thrilling collaboration is set to bring metal enthusiasts an unparalleled listening experience with the reissue of their EP, "Far From Glory," scheduled for release on December 22, 2023.

A New Chapter Unveiled

Descent's journey into the spotlight continues to surge forward with their strategic alignment alongside Wormholedeath Records, renowned for their stellar catalog of international talent and unwavering support for musicians, artists, and filmmakers worldwide. With a reach extending across the Americas, Europe, and Japan, Wormholedeath stands as a powerful advocate for emerging artists in the thriving metal scene.

The DESCENT team is brimming with enthusiasm as they embark on this new chapter of their musical odyssey. Working alongside the exceptional professionals at Wormholedeath Records, they anticipate an exciting future filled with groundbreaking projects and live shows that will leave fans exhilarated. This incredible opportunity is made possible by the unshakable support of their friends and family, as well as valued partners such as Skull Tone Studios, Reaper Apparel, From the Depths Ent., and the unwavering belief of Wormholedeath Records.

As the band gears up for what promises to be a meteoric rise, the metal community is urged to keep a vigilant watch for forthcoming updates. This is a defining moment for DESCENT and an affirmation of their dedication to the art of metal.

Horns up, Metalheads! The future is about to get louder and fiercer.

From Glory" EP

Descent's "Far From Glory" EP is a testament to their musical journey, marking a significant resurgence in the metal realm. The band embraced a unique approach, combining classic and modern recording techniques. Recording the EP at Mike's home brought an authentic touch to the music, as they shied away from excessive studio manipulation.

Extensive research and a meticulous selection of equipment, including Reaper as their recording software, were pivotal. The band opted for minimal editing on the drums to preserve the human element, using sample blending to enhance the sound authentically. Guitars and bass added depth and intensity to their music, while vocals posed a distinct challenge, incorporating multiple layers and inward singing for a melodic intensity.

Following the recording phase, DESCENT sought the expertise of Skulltone Studios in Germany to refine their sound. The collaboration proved instrumental in achieving a polished, professional sound that stayed true to their artistic vision.

Experience the Power of "Suffered Reminders" - A Lyric Video That Cuts Deep:


"Suffered Reminders" delves deep into the raw emotions of betrayal, disappointment, and heartbreak in the aftermath of broken promises and shattered trust. The track passionately conveys feelings of frustration and abandonment, highlighting the one-sided nature of the relationship. These heartfelt lyrics narrate the journey from giving one's all to facing the harsh reality of a love gone sour. Sometimes, parting ways is the best path to healing.

DESCENT's journey through the world of music has been an eventful one, full of twists and turns. It all began with Brian and Mike, who bonded over their love for music in their early teens. Heavily influenced by iconic bands like Metallica, Nirvana, Green Day, and The Offspring, they spent countless hours jamming in Brian's garage, performing at house parties, and connecting with the punk and skate scene in Deep Ellum, Dallas.

Life took them on separate paths in 2002, with Brian playing in various bands and Mike venturing into different musical endeavors. But in 2018, Mike decided to resurrect DESCENT, joined forces with talented individuals like Kevin Rinders, Dylan Pike, and Joseph Kuban, and faced both loss and triumph in their musical journey. The band's name, DESCENT, originating from a video game, holds a unique charm.

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