Corehum brings with it all the viscerality of the 1960s and 1970s to the present day.The band has just released the single entitled “Let me see” on all streaming platforms. The band brings a differentiated panorama today with due and considerable sound power. Relive rock n roll, bring the 70's back with contemporary touches.

The lyrics of the track were inspired by the first love disappointment that Adelmo, vocalist, composer and one of the founders of the band had in his life for loving a girl who could not love him, because she liked girls and for being transgender. The song is called “Let me see” for two reasons, one because the musician dreamed of being able to see her as his beloved and because it is a legal and subjective name.

Despite the considerable time of existence, the band came into force about a year ago, debuting a fully authorial set. Before that, while immersing themselves in solid compositions, they enjoyed tributes to classic references, from Beatles to Black Sabbath. Corehum has incredible versatility in performing jams, with extremely purist rock n roll improvisations, and virtuous variations that refer to jazz and classical music.

Adelmo Henrique's vocals bring the debauched dirt of seventies rock, a mix of the density of Ozzy Osbourne with powerful trebles by Ian Gillan. Marcus Aliano viscerally brings the iconic instrument of the genre, the guitar. The treble bends proclaimed by a Gibson SG bring the revival of a legacy built over 40 years ago. Leandro Carvalho (bass) and Ewerton Gonçalves (drums), complete the band and it is firm and gradual, combining elements of weight and class from the kitchens of heavy metal and traditional rock.

At the moment, the band has been working on the production and recording of their first studio album, which features a vigorous set with high references.

Listen “Let me see”:

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