CONQUER DIVIDE en Mascot Records/Mascot Label Group hebben de officiële videoclip uitgebracht voor de eerste single van de band van hun aankomende nieuwe studioalbum. Sinds de release heeft 'Atonement' meer dan 500.000 gecombineerde streams verzameld. Klik hier om de video te bekijken:

Gitarist Kristen Sturgis deelt, “The song touches on feelings of regret, which we tried to convey in the video. You can see one of our other music videos in the reflection of the eye, for example. They're watching the time tick by wondering what their life could have been like if they would have toughed it out and put the work in. The hardest things in life are the most rewarding, and life is short. So, if you're not ready to meet us on our level, then get out of the way.” Drummer Sam Landa voegt daaraan toe, “The word atonement is about making reparations; about seeking forgiveness; about feeling sorry for something you’ve done and hoping to make things right. In the context of this song, it’s too late for that - the damage has already been done and there’s no going back. The song tries to capture the feelings of betrayal, of being left high and dry by people who wanted to take the easy way out. The emotions really explode in the breakdown, and the progression mirrors how situations like this can build up in real life. There’s a kind of calm before the storm, and then another sense of calm after. ‘We don’t know who you are’, and we’ve accepted that - just don’t try to come back and beg for forgiveness when you’ve exhausted all of your chances.”

Music Video Conquer Divide - "Atonement" (Official Music Video) - YouTube

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