Cloudy-Oh is the musical project led by songwriter Floris De Decker, known for his work with bands like Team William, The Van Jets and Intergalactic Lovers. The band's sound is characterized by psychedelic space-pop, drawing inspiration from artists like Mac DeMarco, Connan Mockasin and Tame Impala.

Their singles receive regular airplay on Willy and Studio Brussel. They achieved recognition in 2023 by reaching the final of Humo's Rock Rally. Their debut album ‘Exactly Where I Wanna Be’ garnered enthusiastic reviews from prominent media sources. (Scroll down for an overview).


"Dreaming" is the first single announcing the second Cloudy-Oh album. The song embodies the familiar psychedelic jangle-pop Cloudy-Oh vibe but sounds significantly more robust and extreme than previous work, with a new sound reminiscent of a blend of Oasis and Tame Impala. The track boasts a high anthem factor with a catchy chorus that sticks in your head.

Floris De Decker on the song: "I've eaten paddos once in my life, at the Vlasmarkt during the Ghent Festivities, mixed in a pot of yogurt. It led to a trip lasting about twenty hours, during which I was convinced I could read minds and embarked on all sorts of Indiana Jones-like adventures in and around Ghent with that superpower. I vaguely recall finding it all quite enjoyable at the time, but I never did it again because it was a bit too intense. This song is about that experience."

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