Melbourne, Australian pop singer-songwriter, Christine Tarquinio announces the upcoming release of her single, "You and Me," on Friday June 23rd 2023.

As a tantalising prelude to what’s to come with her July 2023 EP, ‘Silhouette’, ‘You And Me’ is a moving musical letter that was written in response to the challenges of COVID-19 lockdowns. It expresses a desire for normalcy and hope for a better future. Christine Tarquinio inspires listeners to embrace optimism, unity, and the strength of joining together through her moving lyrics and captivating music.

“The song was easy to write as I had a lot of time on my hands being in lockdown. I wrote the song with my guitar and as always, I came up with the chords and melody first and the lyrics once I decided on the theme of “one day we’ll be free” the song almost wrote itself.”

Produced by Joshua Hennessy of Pivotal Music Melbourne, 'You And Me' opens with the sound of retro reverberating electric guitars, before launching into pulsating, percussive rhythms that serve as the backdrop for Christine's poetic narrative. The song is being released alongside a playful and nostalgic music video that was created as a collaboration with Christine’s husband, of 20 years, and two beautiful children.

“Being a mother is a huge influence on my music. You just want to do your best to show them how to navigate their way through life and hope that they succeed.”

Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, Christine Tarquinio is an accomplished singer-songwriter and recording artist. Her first single "Didn't Even Try" set in motion an extraordinary musical journey of exploration that continues today. Christine continues to amaze audiences worldwide with her talent and passion for music.

Christine Tarquinio finds great satisfaction collaborating with musicians, producers, and sound engineers who share her vision of creating exceptional music. Christine is unwavering in her dedication to developing original material as it allows her to connect with people through shared experiences. Christine often expresses this sentiment when speaking of song writing by stating: “There is nothing more satisfying than seeing a little seed of an idea I have for a song, and seeing it bloom into its full potential along with my creative team, the magic just happens”.

Join Christine Tarquinio on her musical journey as she continues to inspire and delight, with her evocative soundscapes and uplifting lyrics, and keep an eye out for her highly anticipated EP 'Silhouette,' set for release in July 2023.

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