Johannesburg-based Industrial Thrash Death Metal Powerhouse Chaos Doctrine is set to unleash their third album 'Bellum' on 26 April. Ahead of this release the band just released their new single ‘Heretic’... and it's heavy as hell!

‘Heretic’ marks the fourth single from ‘Bellum’ and with a title this being delivered by a band with a name like Chaos Doctrine, one would expect nothing short of a full-frontal assault on all things religious. But one would be wrong. This track turns out to be a lecture in ancient history, or more specifically, Egyptology. Vocalist and lyricist Dr D explains, “It is no secret that we love history and myth. What better way to combine all of these than to use an ancient alien’s lens and explore the deliberately suppressed history of the most hated Pharaoh, Akhenaten?”. Bass guitarist and band visual artist co-conspirator adds, “Weaving together tales of the Annunaki with the Heretic Pharaoh’s abolishment of polytheism in favour of his sun disc gave us a great theme for the track’s art to really reflect the lyrics and intent of the track”.

"Heretic" feels like being hit by a bullet – or a bullet train. Shredding guitars, blast beats, and old-school death metal vocals are immediate. The shelling is briefly interjected by a superb interlude of perfectly mashed groove and melody before the lecture in Egyptology is completed through another barrage of heavy artillery. A brief listen should affirm this for you. But it will take more than one listen to fully appreciate the artistry of this portrait of a deliberately forgotten Heretic.

The new album 'Bellum', meaning 'war', delivers a sonic journey where Chaos Doctrine has unapologetically experimented to expand their repertoire exponentially, without compromising their distinct sound or forgetting to deliver on what they do best.

Chaos Doctrine has always been vocal about their philosophy that every album they produce must be better than the previous one. This applies not only to the songs but also to the technical production. 'Bellum' was recorded, mixed, and mastered by guitarist Alec Surridge in the band’s own Gemini AD Studios, and sees vast progression in production quality from its predecessor.

Guitarist and producer Alec Surridge shares, “This album has been a learning curve for us from both a creative and technical production perspective. With all of us being utmost perfectionists, I wanted to make sure that we deliver a high-quality album, one that is polished enough to bring life to each of the individual songs, without losing the rawness that is fundamental to our music. ‘Bellum’ represents virtually countless hours of recording, listening, tweaking, re-recording, and re-tweaking every second of every track to do just that. There is no template when it comes to Chaos Doctrine – every song is unique, and so the production of every song must be unique too. This always pushes back our release dates, but we refuse to compromise on our sound!”

Track Listing:

1. Lifting the Veil

2. Trial

3. Building the Ultimate Tank

4. One of My Bad Days

5. The Destroyer

6. Martyr

7. Heretic

8. 86

9. CiviLIESation

‘Bellum’ brings us a visual assault that matches the barrage inflicted on our ears. The album cover comes from the mind and pen of bass guitarist, backing vocalist, and band visual artist Phil Carstens, who explains, “Cantered is a biomechanical Lord Shiva, amid his 'Rudra Tandava’ cosmic dance of creation and destruction. The background tells a story of violent degradation and decay. Framing it all is a timeline, reflecting forgotten and exploited history that has made its way into the band’s lyrical content since our beginning. The lyrics to ‘The Destroyer’ tell the whole story

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