Carolee Rainey is reaching out to everyone with a big hug right now as we gather to ‘Anchor’ ourselves to our new reality, this new world. To ‘Anchor’ our souls, our woundedness, our loneliness, our fears and our strengths, the song ‘Anchor’ calls it all in.

Carolee so deeply wanted to write a sort of progressive anthem song that we could all hold on to as a reminder that we are first and foremost ‘Anchored’ to ourselves. For many of us as we enter ‘2021’ more than any other year in the history of the planet we are re-learning about the word ‘Anchor’ which today could be synonymous with ‘love.’ ‘Anchoring’ ourselves now to all our loved ones during these unprecedented times of loss, uncertainty, grief, challenge, hope and strength is at the forefront of all of our minds. We are very much needing to ‘Anchor’ ourselves to our families, our friends, and our most intimate relationships now more than ever. It certainly is a lonely, introspective time. Maybe we are learning about a deeper level of love, to love more sincerely without fear. We know now more than ever that all any of us has is ‘this moment.’ This moment is ‘our Anchor.’

Embrace everyone out there. ‘Anchor’ yourself back inside the core of who you are, who you know you are and who you know you’re always going to be.

Carolee is thinking of you all with prayers that you stay healthy and continue to treasure those tiny miracles that are certainly there but sometimes might be hard to notice each day……..With love

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