Following the release of the multimillion-streamed "MAD", Caravan Palace unveil “Reverse” on November 30th, the new single from the platinum-selling band’s forthcoming album due 2024. Where the group who initially formed to score a vintage silent erotic film for French TV go next is anyone’s guess, but clues to their forthcoming album are due any day…

The pioneering Parisians go clubbing with a twist on this joyous, yet deceptively dark new single. Opening with ominous saxophone before breaking into an irresistibly infectious dance track. “Reverse”’ is four minutes of magnificent, shapeshifting mischief that mixes the metronomic vocals from frontwoman Zoe Colotis, brass breaks and house beats.

“It’s a sunny song, bedevilled by dark verses” says co-songwriter and guitarist Arnaud de Bosredon. “The chorus is about having fun and dancing. The verses are about being alone in a dark place. Schizophrenic is how I’d describe it.” He’s not wrong. Alongside recurrent saxophone, there is a soaring trumpet solo, swing, jazz, disco and sexy synths while Zoe switches between jumping for joy, watching her back and having a panic attack.

“It’s a jigsaw puzzle of a song,” says the band’s Charles Delaporte. “There are many elements in there, but we tried to keep the sound simple. The production was the tricky part. It’s complicated to put it together, but when you do.. bam!.. the impact is instant.”

For 15 fabulous years, Caravan Palace have defied convention to become electronic music mainstays while keeping their cool, innovating sound and refusing to follow the flock. As adored by fans of Ballroom dancing as they are by YouTubers bewitched by their risqué visuals and Tik-Tokers ensnared by their instantly addictive songs (clips of “MAD” have passed 10 million views on Tik-Tok alone), the band have sidestepped trends to forge their own fashionable path on which everyone is welcome.

Social media’s exploding obsession with Caravan Palace is down to the fans, rather than the band, who shrug their stats, preferring to party onstage with brass and strings. From Facebook to YouTube to the billions of clips on TikTok set to songs from their first four albums, technology has embraced their genre-mashing music without any intervention.

After having amassed over 2 billion streams via YouTube and Spotify combined, garnered millions of fans from every corner of the globe, having “Wonderland" go TikTok viral through the #posechallenge, and playing live, twice, on Live...with Jools Holland, and Jonathan Ross’ late-night show, they’re ready to further broaden their unique profile after selling over 750.000 records in America. Notably, they are one of the very few French bands to achieve an RIAA Platinum single, thanks to their hit track, "Lone Digger.”

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