Exsomnis is an atmospheric and melodic powerhouse in progressive gothic metal, hailing from Montreal, Canada and they are proud to announce the release of their debut single, “Inertia”. This haunting track delves deep into the abyss of existential contemplation, enveloping listeners in a symphony of gloomy soundscapes, haunting riffs, and orchestral grandeur. Vocalist Viky Boyer comments on the track:

“Inertia is one of the earliest songs we wrote and one of the songs I spent the most time writing and re-writing. With every scrap of lyrics and melody, I felt like I was getting closer to the message I actually wanted to put out. I am also very glad that the band was on board with me including some French spoken words in the song, sort of like a mini poem, as I feel like it really completes the vision I had for it. I really hope my experience with the theme of the song will resonate with the listeners, partly for my artistic ego, but also as a sign that I am not alone struggling with those particular feelings of dread when it comes to life choices.”

Formed in 2020 by Boyer and multi-instrumentalist Jeff DeMarco, Exsomnis has evolved from a mere, doom-oriented studio project into a melodic, orchestral metal ensemble. Joined by composer Jon Mohr, drummer Rithiya Kiev, and bassist Ehren Hill, the band's collective talent and creative synergy have garnered widespread acclaim within the metal community.

Exsomnis hints that they are currently working on their debut album, which should come out by the end of Winter 2024 or spring 2025. In advance of that, they plan on releasing a few more singles before setting a launch date. Fans of Katatonia, Nevermore, and Amorphis should especially take note of “Inertia” and keep their eyes on Exsomnis.

Watch and listen to “Inertia” at the following links:

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