Greenville's newest sensation, Caldwell unveils his debut single "Flyin' Pass," a groundbreaking anthem set to redefine the genre landscape. Caldwell, the pioneer of "Playboy Country," is a musical maverick reshaping the boundaries of country and pop, blending soulful twangs with the driving beats of hip-hop, creating a sound that resonates globally. Released through his cutting-edge label imprint, Yellow Brick Drive/The Orchard, “Flyin’ Pass” is a testament to his unique artistry and musical prowess.

A passionate live vocalist and entertainer, Caldwell is presently touring alongside the renowned Nick Carter of The Backstreet Boys, showcasing his dynamic stage presence. Their tour, a mesmerizing sonic journey across North America, serves as a grand introduction to Caldwell, captivating audiences and winning him legions of new fans. This collaboration with a music legend is a testament to Caldwell's rising status in the industry.

Caldwell's music doesn't just break barriers; it smashes them, opening doors to endless possibilities and new opportunities. In his own words, Caldwell expresses his excitement, stating, "I am thrilled to share my music with the world, connect with new fans, and build a lifetime legacy one day at a time." His passion is contagious, his determination unwavering, and his talent boundless.

“Flyin Pass” serves as an introduction to Caldwell, an artist ready to make waves in 2024.


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