Behind Gwenshana is Brussels based writer and producer Mathieu Grillo. Today, he announces the release of his debut EP Ego, which is preceded by the single ‘Remember How’. LISTEN 'TO REMEMBER HOW' HERE.

The first single ‘Remember How’ is a fable about the internal battle between truth and lies. Being in denial and shying away from the truth can often make things feel better in the short term, but at what cost? Mathieu says “It’s easy to lie to ourselves and not get caught, but there is only ever one person that really gets hurt. We have to confront ourselves, address it and make peace with the truth.”

Mathieu is an introspective person, however his life has been dedicated to digging deep into the thoughts and feelings of others, writing and producing songs. “This EP has been in the making for 6 years, I’m both eager and patient when it comes to my own music. Writing for others comes naturally to me but I have a tendency to overthink everything when it comes to my own stuff. Lockdown gave me a chance to settle, I gave myself a goal to finish these songs and finally share my truth.”

Influenced by artists who have a clear evolution, encapsulating a sonic style and then moving on, Mathieu cites Thom Yorke, Bon Iver and Oneothrix Point Never as inspiration, “I appreciate artists who innovate their sound but stay true to themselves”. Gwenshana’s roots are clear and it all centres around one word... truth.

Blustering drums propel vivid synth soundscapes across ‘Remember How’, guided by warm horn sections and Gwenshana’s distinct vocals. We’re led to a frenetic ending, leaving us excited and wanting more.

Deeply personal and yet remarkably relatable, Mathieu writes “This EP is about honesty. Different people dealing with, and not dealing with their truths. These people being part of my story, I’m finally confronting and processing some emotions previously bound by time”
There is a burning spark within this EP and something very special in the making.

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