Singer and songwriter from Pernambuco, Dani Carmesim, launches on August 6th on all digital platforms her new single in partnership with DJ Ramdon and with the participation of musician André Insurgente. 'For Sales' talks about the environmental issue and denounces the aggressions that have been allowed through deforestation, burning, among other forms of exploitation, along with Brazilian forests and biomes.

In verses like: “Lavra, queima, desmata; Passa a boiada; Invade a terra indígena demarcada", Dani criticizes the former Minister of the Environment Ricardo Salles, referring in the title of the single to the protests marked by the catchphrase "fora, Salles" and quoting the "celebrated" infamous phrase of the former minister, said at a meeting when he saw the opportunity to accelerate the process of deregulation of environmental protection.

The single, which already has the Pre Order available, was recorded from a distance, respecting the social distance between the musicians. Dani Carmesim composed the lyrics and part of the musical arrangement together with his partner and creative partner André Insurgente, who recorded the bass and guitar, leaving the song with a very energetic and rock n’ roll feel. Finally, DJ Ramdon made all the programming of beats, drums and sound effects bringing more electronic and modern elements to the music, as well as doing the cover art for the new single and the music production together with André and Dani.

Dani Carmesim is a singer and songwriter from Pernambuco (northeastern state of Brazil) who has been working as an author, independent and alternative since 2011. In these ten years, she has released two EPs, a CD and will soon release her second album. In addition to these works, Dani has been releasing singles made in partnership with emerging artists from the local Recife scene as well as this new feat. which emerged after the singer participated in 2020 in the BestaFeat Project which was conceived by DJ Ramdon (Tiago Bezerra) who defines his work as Random Sintonia Schema - a proposal for random and multi-style DJing in Recife.

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