On August 30th Dutch post-punk band Bowl will release the first part of their new concept album The Rude Interruption of Fear. The album was recorded at bassist Berend Suijker's home studio and produced and mixed by Bowl themselves. The new single Fresh New Life is out now.

This first part of the diptych The Rude Interruption of Fear delves into literal scenarios, thoughts and emotions: the intensity of intrusive thoughts, constant self-doubt, impactful diagnoses, and the uncertainty of whether to give up or keep going.

The Rude Interruption of Fear is a deeply personal project where frontman Vos Ploeg writes about one of the toughest years of his life. In 2020 Vos struggled with anxiety and panic attacks resulting from an obsessive-compulsive disorder. This year was a period of sheer survival for him, where he rarely left the house and was plagued by constant doomsday scenarios in his mind. The album is a personal and emotional story, but above all a study of a person in crisis. With this album Bowl takes a significant step in their musical journey offering listeners a profound emotional experience that will leave a lasting impression.

The intensity of the music matches Ploeg's emotions. This whirlwind of heavy emotions is realized in the music through intense, threatening, and dark instrumentation. On the upcoming EP the band sounds more melodic than ever but retains the hardness of their debut album Sweet Caffeine. Because all subjects are so personal, the urgency in both lyrics and performance is unavoidable. For the new album The Rude Interruption of Fear the quintet continues to build on their post-punk sound with elements of new wave and art-rock.

About the new single Fresh New Life Ploeg says: "I had intrusions about many things. The one that came up most often was the fear that I was developing schizophrenia or that I was going to have a psychotic break. I would repeat my name and my family's names in my head for hours so I wouldn't forget them. ‘Fresh New Life’ is about the moment just after my diagnosis was confirmed. It felt very strange but also clarifying. I suddenly knew what was going on. But... I still felt like I was really going crazy, and I didn't know how to solve it." Listen to the single below this message.

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