new album 'Machine' out on 30/09 | LIVE

With Pepper’s Ghost, Boogie Belgique wants to make you smile. The second single from their forthcoming fifth album Machine is the sunny, disco and chill-infused trip-hop excursion reminiscent of childhood coastal road trips and Cafe del Mar sunsets. A steady four on the floor anchors a swirling universe of halcyon choirs and funky guitar, with an emphasis on rhythmic pacing and a deep pocket.

The track’s visual depicts the daily commute of workers in the 1950’s, traveling by train and boat, with a white, ghostlike figure emerging in these bustling crowds.

Listen here:

Coming from Belgium — Antwerp roots, Brussel based — Boogie Belgique has always done it their way. It's a typical Belgian talent: why follow rules when a more personal approach is far more tantalizing? It all started some 10 years ago, when three friends - Oswald Cromheecke, Cedric Van Overstraeten, Aiko Devriendt - decided to join their musical forces and take a leap of fate: compose music and try to make a living. Oswald began as an ardent bedroom producer, composed some tracks and registered as a Soundcloud user, not really sure what to expect. We all know the internet moves in mysterious ways. Some of the released tracks reached foreign dj's & radio makers, who started to push the music. It led to some success on music biogs and a big following in Greece, much to the surprise of a young Boogie Belgique.

"Could you come over and play a live set?" A simple question, and the start of a beautiful story that - today - moves hearts and makes people dance, all over the world.

Between 2013 and 2019 they played hundreds of shows and injected summers with a beautiful blend of electronic music and jazz, with hints of Bonobo, Cinematic Orchestra, Fat Freddy's Drop and the intricate soulfunk of Snarky Puppy. Spread happy and sunny vibes- with a tad of melancholy and nostalgia, as an antidote to the destitute state of the world.

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