"Be The Change (Or Whatever)", the new album of hardcore act Bobson Dugnutt is finally out in physical and digital version via Indelirium Records. Bobson Dugnutt was born in Reggio Emilia, Italy in 2018. He’s a cursed baseball player that hates umanity because he’s not able to achieve his goals in life. Bobson Dugnutt is a four piece hardcore band based in Italy/Berlin with strong sludgy and rock n’ roll influences. "My bobson brings all the boyz to the yard, and they’re like, it’s better then yours. Damn right, it’s better then yours; i can teach you, but I’ll have to charge".

For fans of: Refused, Pantera, Slander, The Pears, Converge, NoFX, Lamb of God, Code Orange, Mini Pony, Rifkin Kazan, Barreleye, Trash Talk, Micheal Jackson & Backstreet Boys.

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01. The New Slavery Nation (Intro)
02. The Labor Blackmail
03. When The Profit Kills
04. A Forgotten Number
05. Underpaid
06. Nothing More And Nothing Less
07. A Personal War
08. The Power Of The Few
09. The Suffocated Rights
10. Remove The Control... Till Death!

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