Today, Fire Talk Records' imprint Open Tab has released a new single with Philly-based six piece Blood. “Students of post-punk from all areas and ages,” (the FADER), Loud & Quiet calls their music “an electric amalgamation of anxious guitar lines." Paired with a video directed by Andrew McGlennon, the tautly streamlined new track sees the band at their most catchy and personable to date, with sharp-edged hooks and a rollicking bassline that proves post-punk can still be fun.

Listen to the single HERE.

The band elaborates: “Self Improvement was born out of a reaction to the nausea of a social environment which demands a constant self critique and a public declaration of how one is “not yet there,” and how they are going to be better for an ever elusive approval.

Listen to Blood's New Single, Q&A & Artist Mix

"Self Improvement" follows Open Tab's string of launch singles including the eponymous "Girls" by the Dare, "song of the year contender" (Paste) "I Am The Car" by Fake Fruit, "Now It's Gone" by Maria BC, "Wasted" by Blunt Chunks, "True Altruism" by Chanel Beads, & more. Highlighting one previously unreleased track from an artist monthly, each Open Tab release will also encapsulate a short Q&A profile and mix created by the artist. With an emphasis on new music, the imprint will lend itself as a discovery tool for listeners worldwide as well as an opportunity to give a platform to artists whose work Fire Talk is enthusiastic about.

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