BLESSED BLACK, the renowned heavy doom quartet, has unveiled "Asunder," the compelling first single from their eagerly awaited EP, Seasons Vol. 2. With its release, the band offers a powerful exploration of the intricate themes of mental health struggles, such as anxiety and depression, through their distinct sound and lyrical depth. Scheduled for a full EP release on April 26th, 2024, "Asunder" serves as a profound introduction to what promises to be a deeply reflective and resonant body of work.

"Asunder" is a track that delves into the visceral experience of facing one's innermost fears and the fight for mental and emotional salvation. Through its haunting melodies and impactful riffs, the song articulates the journey of confronting and navigating through the darkest realms of the psyche. Joshua Murphy, the band's vocalist and guitarist, shares a personal connection with the track, stating:

"Asunder is a song that I wrote about the experiences both myself and my close friends have had dealing with mental health struggles. Particularly anxiety and depression. I had been lucky enough to never experience either until just a couple years ago. I found myself dealing with anxiety for the first time, and at one point even had a full-blown panic attack. Fortunately, it was something that only lasted a very short period for me, but those feelings of powerlessness and fear aren't something you forget. I have seen a lot of loved ones struggle with similar issues long term as well, and this song is just a glimpse into some of the ways those things can make you feel."

This personal insight from Murphy adds a layer of authenticity and emotional resonance to "Asunder," inviting listeners to reflect on their own experiences with mental health.


Comprised of Joshua Murphy (vocals and guitar), Jake Stone (guitar), Brad Bellamy (bass and background vocals), and Ray Bates (drums), BLESSED BLACK continues to stand out in the doom metal genre for their unique blend of heavy soundscapes and emotionally charged lyrics.

Following the release of "Asunder," anticipation is building for BLESSED BLACK's Seasons Vol. 2. The EP is expected to further explore themes of resilience, transformation, and the human condition, solidifying the band's reputation for crafting music that not only resonates on a sonic level but also touches the hearts and minds of their listeners.

With "Asunder," BLESSED BLACK not only sets the stage for their upcoming EP but also invites their audience into a conversation about the complexities of mental health, underscoring the band's commitment to addressing significant and personal topics through their music.

Seasons Vol. 2 Track Listing:

  1. Asunder
  2. Serpentine Sisters
  3. Solve et Coagula

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