Described by BBC Introducing as “Ethereal, Effortless & Dreamy”, ‘Sleep’ finds the four-piece return with a release of true and mesmeric form. Drifting somewhere between the pastel-tinted indie pop of Alvvays to the rippling, reverb-dipped wonders of the Cocteau Twins, ‘Sleep’ is at once familiar and fresh, subtle yet spectacular; a song to seep into your subconscious.

With lyrics that fall into place like the fading polaroids of distant memories, ‘Sleep’ offers hazy rumination on a feeling of opening your eyes to a relationship that has too long felt like a bad dream.

“At its core, ‘Sleep’ tells a story about the breakdown of a long term relationship and the thought processes that you may follow as you begin to emotionally remove yourself from it.” says Bleach Lab vocalist Jenna Kyle. “It’s based around the idea that although you can put everything you have into someone, ultimately the outcome will never change if it isn’t meant to be”.

Guided by her pearl-drop pure tones, Kyle’s aloof vocal veils heartbreaking lyrics of a very personal, real and relatable nature that will resonate with anyone who has woken-up from a relationship gone awry.

One of the earliest tracks Bleach Lab wrote together, ‘Sleep’ was initially written in 2019 and follows ‘Heartache of The Season’ and ‘Burnt Orange’ as only their third release to date. Effortless, yet endlessly absorbing, ‘Sleep’ feels like a very natural progression for the band. As bassist Josh Longman confirms:

“It was a song that was created organically and all on the same wavelength, it came together very quickly.”

Guitarist Frank Wates adds: “It wasn’t even really finished when we started recording it, we finished it in the studio. But that’s kind of made it what it is. Didn’t overthink it at all”.

The track was given its shimmering, opalescent finesse by Zoe Mead AKA Wyldest (shortlisted for Glastonbury Festival emerging talent 2020), who produced and sound engineered the track; before final mixing and mastering by Max Mannone. ‘Sleep’ will be self-released by Bleach Lab on 30 June 2020.

Today (30 June), South London daydreamers - BLEACH LAB - are pleased to release their latest single: ‘Sleep’.

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