ELEPHANT TREE have premiered 'Paranoid' as the fourth track taken from the forthcoming MER Redux series installment "Best of Black Sabbath" (album out on October 30, please find more information below) via the following YouTube link: https://youtu.be/NWUMqaUHOS8

ELEPHANT TREE comment: "Sabbath have obviously been on all of our radars throughout our lives", writes drummer Sam Hart. "We don't think it's possible to not hear them these days, and it has become a bit cliche to say that they are an influence. Even so, they quite blatantly are an influence both directly and indirectly. Many bands are indebted to their style and influence on so many genres. That just goes to show how important they were as a band. More so for us it shows how you can really bring a group of people together with a range of musical backgrounds and create something new and exciting. Pete even goes as far as shaving all his facial hair off every once in a while to perform as Ozzy in a tribute band, though he hasn't quite taken to walking a box on a lead yet. He's more of a cat person. It was actually a while back that we came up with the cover, after being asked to play a tribute night in Brighton. We debated whether we could do justice to 'Paranoid', what with it arguably being the most recognisable Sabbath track, but after listening on repeat a few times (and with the help of more than a few beers) we started to form this idea of a really slowed down doomy version. Pete naturally took on vocal duties and after a few runs (and cutting some choruses) we arrived at the version on record. Recording it was done in typical fashion, with half a brewery's worth of beer and a lot of sweat, at Buffalo Studios where JB really brought out some cool ideas for extra effects and recording techniques while keeping it true to the raw sound of the original."

Emerging from England in 2015, ELEPHANT TREE were handpicked by MER from an early demo submission thanks to their warm, syrupy fuzz and soaring vocal harmonies. This infectious blend made their debut "Theia" and 2016 self-titled album two of the most popular records in the label’s catalog. With their third full-length, "Habits" (2020), the band that had previously been firmly located in a musical triangle between stoner, sludge, and doom maturely expanded their stylistic range to include post-metal groove and even acoustic folk among other elements, which resulted in what German Visions magazine praised as a "sophisticated album" with "unconventional songwriting". ELEPHANT TREE have just announced "Day of Doom Live", which has been recorded live at the Londoners' crushing show in Brooklyn's Saint Vitus Bar on November 2nd in 2019: https://mer.lnk.to/day-of-doom

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