The progressive, post-metal four-piece Bipolar Architecture have released ‘Alienated’, the latest single from their forthcoming second album, ‘Metaphysicize’, which is set for release on 2nd of February 2024 via Pelagic Records.

The four-piece have also released an introspective video to accompany the single, echoing the track’s exploration of internalised isolation and the loneliness that can be felt even when surrounded by the hustle and bustle of modern life. Simultaneously abrasive and intimate, ‘Alienated’ is an uncompromising rush of existential angst from the international outfit who, currently based across Istanbul and Berlin, are consistently pushing at the boundaries of contemporary metal.

Hurtling into life in 2020, Bipolar Architecture is a project born from the smouldering ashes of stalwart death metal group Heretic Soul. Having retained all the nihilistic fury of their former outfit, Bipolar Architecture introduced the forward-thinking ferocity of hardcore as well as the atmospheric dynamism of post-rock, before unleashing this searing new sound on their 2022 debut full-length, ‘Depressionland’, which quickly turned head and left ears ringing.

A maelstrom of blackened metal blast beats, hardcore palm-muting and lilting shoegaze ambience; ‘Alienated’ is an intriguing glimpse into the philosophical, introspective themes at the heart of ‘Metaphysicize’. Pairing lyrical imagery of lifeless planets with a video of strangers listening to music in a local park, Bipolar Architecture’s frontman and principal songwriter Sarp Keski shot, directed and edited the video himself along with visual artist and close friend Vladislav Serezdinov in order to imbue the project with a vital sense of community and shared connectivity.

Resounding with a musical maturity and patience testament to experience gained and lessons learned, whilst still shaking with the full-throttle, apocalyptic indignation of the band’s blackened metal origins, ‘Metaphysicize’ is also Bipolar Architecture’s first work to feature lyrics in Keski’s native Turkish; rending the album a perfect embodiment of the band’s dichotic balance of culture, location, calm and chaos.

By refusing to rest on their laurels or rely on the comfortable confines of genre, Bipolar Architecture leave their shape unfixed and their future ripe with potential; because life at the edge of extreme is so much better without labels.

Alienated’ is out now. ‘Metaphysicize’ will be released on February 2nd, 2024.

Sarp Keski on ‘Alienated’: “This song was written to amplify the sense of alienation that everyone experiences throughout life. The references to lifeless space throughout the lyrics embody this isolation but also deliberately clash with the very grounded, people-oriented video. I wanted to explore the idea that, whoever or wherever we are, every single one of us is at some point completely alone in our own universe.”



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