Today the UK's hottest rising trio Bang Bang Romeo have released their anticipated debut album "A Heartbreaker's Guide To The Galaxy". They have also unveiled a lyric video for the track “You Scared The Love Out Of Me”.

The Doncaster-based band invite you to join them on a wonder-filled journey through their own sonic world via their debut release “A Heartbreaker’s Guide To The Galaxy”. Melding sound from powerful soulful blues, to riffing rock, to delicate vulnerable pop ballads and stomping rock and roll Bang Bang Romeo leave no territory untouched with their invasion onto the music scene. Their debut album mixes drama and dark euphoria, with stratospheric cinematic tunes.

“As the album is a journey in itself, ‘You Scared The Love Out Of Me’ drops you off at a haunted house in our minds” comments the band. “There’s definitely a vacancy just for you. This one song sums up what we’re all about and gives a great insight to where the album will take you. Lyrically, we turn our hearts into a haunted hotel, and the ‘lover’ is the ghoul that haunts the hallways. It’s about that love that we’re still haunted by, the one that went wrong that we still bare scars from. It’s not the dark that you’re a afraid of, it’s what’s IN the dark that scares you”, this is something that my partner said to me once and it always stuck, and the same can be said about love. It’s our Tim Burton-esque Hotel California”.

The track “You Scared The Love Out Of Me” is a trip to the deepest depths of the bands cosmos, the twisted fairy tale of the album, the band were influenced by Tim Burton and ghost stories of real life.

Bang Bang Romeo are Allen Kovac’s first UK signing to Better Noise Music. Recorded in Birmingham, New York and Los Angeles, the band have worked with a roster of industry heavyweights on "A Heartbreaker’s Guide To The Galaxy", including producers and co-writers Nick Furlong (Avicii, All Time Low), American Authors guitarist James Shelleyand his production partner Michel Heyaca (Tinashe, Nick Jonas), New York's Heavy (Goo Goo Dolls), and the UK's Red Line Music team. Meanwhile, the record has been mixed by Grammy winner Mark Needham (The Killers, The 1975), and mastered by Howie Weinberg (Arctic Monkeys, Beastie Boys, The Clash).

This year has seen the trio building up their BBRMY fan base, with fans of all sizes, shapes and orientations. LGBT pride and Body Positivity are promoted within the ranks of their fandom, with “sexy doesn’t have a size” emblazoned on the band’s merchandise. Though drummer, Rich Gartland, broke his foot at the Birmingham show of the band’s largely sold-out tour, the show will go on (except for the Belfast and Dublin shows, that will be rescheduled for a later date).

Releasing singles, performing stadium shows throughout UK and Europe supporting pop icon P!nk, and performing on stages across the European festivals scene including a highlight performance at Isle of Wight Festival, Bang Bang Romeo intends to stay busy. They have just finished their own UK-wide headline tour and are looking toward the future.

The artwork was designed by Gartland who bought the band's concept to life with a stunning celestial scene which nods to each song on the record. “Since day one we’ve drawn, designed, created all of our single artworks, and with our debut we really wanted to continue that and show our artistic desires not just in music, but in design too. Ever wondered what a song would look like if it was a place? There's little "Easter Eggs" hidden in there, with nods to things that link to us, and things in our lives that influenced the writing of the songs" explains Rich.

Front-woman Anastasia 'Stars' Walker commented on the album: “We would like to invite you to the first stop in our universe. To worlds of runaways and natural born astronauts. To favourite bad decisions under blood red skies, star crossed species and hurricanes gunning for war. The adventure begins”.

1. Intro
2. Cemetery
3. Shame on You
4. Bag of Bones
5. Chemical
6. Adore Me
7. You & I
8. Invitation
9. You Scared The Love Out of Me
11.Over My Dead Body
12.Natural Born Astronaut
13.Love Yourself feat. Example
14. Outro
Bonus track: Beautiful World

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