Awakening Records is ecstatic to announce the re-release of two premier death metal albums this June. Whether you are a collector, a longtime fan or looking to expand your horizons, on June 24th AWAKENING RECORDS will be re-releasing two albums- one from Chilean death metal band REGNANT and one from Canadian band PUTRICID. Going back to the roots of death metal in the 90’s, there is no time like the present to rediscover music that helped set the foundation of what we have today.

Chilean band REGNANT was born in 1993 and stuck around till the later end of '95. The band entered Bellavista Studios to record their first demo, recorded by the famous José Luis Corral. The demo was called "Eyes of Suffering" and consisted of 4 songs of great power and intention. The second release was the debut full-length album "Transvisceral" was recorded at Studio Konstantinopla in 1997, and producer Gonzalo González managed to make an intense album. During that period, REGNANT was influenced by a wide range of musical genres, from Hardcore to old-school Thrash to the most brutal Death Metal and Grindcore, which makes this album difficult to categorize into a certain style.

Awakening Records is proud to officially reissue the amazing album "Transvisceral" and all the tracks from "Eyes of Suffering" as well as 2 unpublished demos recorded in 1995 will be available as a bonus.

Canadian death metal band PUTRICID was formed in 1989 and was originally called PUTREFACTED CADAVER. In the early 90s, they released two demos entitled "Putrefacted Cadaver" and "Suppuration" with brutal riffs and relentless vocals.

Awakening Records is proud to be officially licensed to release the killer death metal materials for the first time on CD, all tracks have been remastered and one new song recorded in 2021 will be available as a bonus.

Both re-releases will be available on June 24th of this year and is must-have for any old school death metal fan. They both featuring new/dual cover artwork, the 20-page booklet includes all lyrics, numerous early photos and flyers, and a biography of the band in English and Chinese. Dedicated to all maniacs obsessed with old-school death metal!

01 Fetal Delirium
02 Regain Our Lunacy
03 En coma
04 Condemnatory Sentence
05 Evolutive Error
06 En el vacio
07 The Rape
08 Remembraince
09 Sangrame
10 Southermost Land
11 Source of Suffering
12 Deprived
13 The Rape
14 Devouring Minds
15 Source of Suffering
16 Buitres
17 Devouring Minds

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