The new video single Morgenwelt is a floral splatter fable. Colorful, gaudy and completely absurd. A feverishly amorous pop song, avant-garde, dreamy and cluttered. Enchanted, you find yourself wondering and with a big question mark in front of the ruins of this world and in the video.

The motivation to survive drowns out everything, finds Dominique M. Täger of ANDERES HOLZ, whether it comes from within or without. This is the echo from all sides and from all times. And that leads to nothing good, as one sees always and everywhere.

Comforting wants to calm the harmony in the chorus of the song, overflowing with loving sorrow.

So love again, of course, still hopeless, sorry. In the middle of it, the kitten then chases his tail after all, nasty, polyrhythmic, wild. Must be. But then the flower stretches its head towards the sun again and again, fully devoted to life. Who wants to take that away from her?

Morgenwelt is ANDERES HOLZ's commitment to the great pop song. Far away from the safe haven of progressive rock, krautrock and avant-garde.

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Anderes Holz are a mad and effervescent mixture of artistic progressive rock, melody-addicted art pop and stomping krautrock: with electric forest zither and theremin, field recordings, percussion, hand siren, Japanese wind gong, with experimental German lyrics and the unforgettable stage show around the flying stone.

This is magic theater and butoh and avant-garde with crazy make-up, props and costumes. A stark and mesmerizing live act in a trio outfit!

In 2018 Anderes Holz released the debut album Fermate on STF Records. Now, in 2022 the second album Continuo will be released on May 20th on Tonzonen Records.

Visionary produced are the albums by US-american producer Matt Korr. The conceptual artwork comes from Kazakhstan by Anton Semenov.

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