Pulling back to the Emo Rap roots that he is known for, Autumnboy manages to still bring a fresh take to the genre with his new single ‘Dead Flowers On The Windowsill’. Releasing shortly before his 3rd studio album, Autumn Forever, Autumnboy tells the personal story of his desire to constantly better himself, the song creates a bright build throughout that contrasts greatly from his normal angst ridden compositions.

Discussing the new single, Autumnboy states, “This song was a really fun one for me to put together, I pulled the name and some of the best riffs from an old song I’d written prior to the conception of this project. I love being able to breathe new life into old creations like that, especially when I can express new perspectives and experiences through them.”

Using his music as sonic diary, British songwriter/performer Autumnboy continuously weaves unique soundscapes that tell his own story. Pulling influences from Emo music from both the modern day and the past few decades, he continues to find new and innovative ways to articulate his journey of faith and mental health. Having strong roots in the local emo music scene growing up, the 26 year old writer believes that it is imperative to share his experiences and the hope that he has found to better the lives of others in alternative subcultures in a new and unique way.

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