When enlightened thinking is engulfed by the chaos of hysterical cries. When new borders and walls are erected on a daily basis. When division takes precedence over unity and when people only approach one another to inflict harm. When the powerful arm themselves to the teeth and when innocent children perish daily in the name of faith, money and power. When the voices of reason are silenced and an era of war is declared...

The transformation of humanity over the past years has left an unerasable mark on Markus and Arisjel, the creative forces behind Autumnblaze. Consequently, in the spring of 2022, all original ideas for a new album were abandoned, and within a few weeks, a blank canvas was filled with songs and lyrics coming with a clarity rarely seen before from Autumnblaze.

This was a necessary step, for Autumnblaze identifies as an enemy of war and a critic of all kind of binary thinking. Their artistic pursuit has always delved deep into the human soul, exploring the forsakenness of the individual within a society devoid of empathy. Love, loneliness, death, impermanence, the meaning of life, betrayal, and loss have consistently been some of the themes explored.

With their eighth studio album "Auf zerfetzten Schwingen" Autumnblaze holds a mirror to the world by taking a stand against all forms of violence and belligerence. Since German is their native language, Autumnblaze decided to use only German lyrics to convey the message more clearly and more authentically.

"Auf zerfetzten Schwingen" stands as a manifesto against war and everything it encompasses. It serves as a warning that the spiral of violence will spare no one if there is no contrary movement. The music on this exceptional album is raw, unfiltered and teeming with unbridled anger and passion, giving voice to all those who feel unheard in times of utter hysteria. This is how Autumnblaze sounds in the year of 2024.

"Auf zerfetzten Schwingen" was recorded and produced by Autumnblaze between may and november 2022.

In march 2023 the legendary Markus Stock, known for his work with Empyrium and The Vision Bleak, weaved his magic in his own Klangschmiede Studio E to create an outstanding sound.

The iconic album cover, a striking visual embodiment of music and lyrics, once again bears the artistic touch of the talented Friederieke Myschik, who already convinced with her handcrafted work on the 'Welkin Shores Burning' record"

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