Hailing from Perth, Western Australia and featuring past and present members of well-known and established acts such as Deadspace, Advent Sorrow, Flesh Worship and Pestilential Shadows, Woewarden blend pummeling percussion, razor sharp guitar work and piercing vocals to weave a desolate tapestry of torment and despair. With their critically acclaimed last album "In The Art Of My Caged Existence", the band left a lasting impression within the scene, taking listeners on a dark and hypnotic journey straight into the depths of the human being. With nine tracks of atmospheric and depressive black metal, "In The Art Of My Caged Existence" has become an imposing work full of rage and beauty, haunting atmospheres and mournful feelings.

In collaboration with Bitter Loss Records, Woewarden have now announced that they will be releasing their latest album on vinyl for the first time in 2023. "In The Art Of My Caged Existence" will be coming out on March 1st and will be limited to 300 copies, standard black vinyl with a limited variant of a dark smoke

Woewarden on "In The Art Of My Caged Existence" and the upcoming vinyl release: "Under the new moniker, Woewarden, are proud to showcase the third full length album soon to be released on vinyl in 2023 (CD and Digital released October ’22): 'In the Art of my Caged Existence'.

Comprised of former and current members of Deadspace, Advent Sorrow, Pestilential Shadows, Doomcave and Flesh Worship, we are also honoured to have our good friend Déhà (Imber Luminis, Déhà, and Slow) take the helm on production for this record; creating an engulfing yet clear mix and master that perfected our vision of the album.

Combining that with our newly formed allegiance with Australian label, Bitter Loss Records (Battlegrave, Crypt Crawler, Ashen, Pustilence), and the always amazing artwork from Adam Burke of Nightjar Illustration, we truly believe we’ve created something truly special and reflective of our take on atmospheric, yet bleak and harrowing Australian black metal."

"In The Art Of My Caged Existence" will be released on vinyl on March 1, 2023. Check out the band's latest lyric video for "Wreath of Viscera" here:

WOEWARDEN - Wreath of Viscera (Lyric Video) - YouTube

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