Leading up to the release August Rosenbaum has revealed a spectacular music video for “Nomad (solo piano)” directed by the talented Jasper Spanning. Take a look right here. The upcoming EP consists of 5 songs from Vista arranged for solo piano plus the new song “Milo”.

August elaborates: “The piano is my starting point for everything when I make music, it has been my natural expression since I started playing at 6 years old, and it is how I hear, feel and create harmonies, chords and melodies. When making Vista with Robin (Hannibal) it became a dogma that underneath all the layers of detail, production and arrangement there had to be a strong “core”, a composition that could carry the emotion and intent when scraped down to only being played on the piano."

Rasa was recorded by August in an intense 3-hour long recording in L.A: “We had just finished a full week of tracking band recordings for VISTA in a small studio in Eagle Rock, Los Angeles. So the room was filled with all the music and effort Robin, I, the musicians and our engineer had put in - and at the same time it felt like we had given all we had in us. But I remember it made me so happy and thankful to have made it this far, so I asked the engineer to open the mics on the piano and let the tape roll. I ended up playing non stop for 3 hours, while the others sat in the room just listening. It was really intense and intimate at the same time”, August explains.

Last year’s release of the album Vista put August Rosenbaum on the map as one of the most exciting rising composers. It’s a record of evocative and soulful music that brought together August Rosenbaum’s rich musical background in both jazz, classical music, film scoring and pop. Vista was written and produced in collaboration with Grammy-nominated producer Robin Hannibal who’ve worked with an impressive range of artists including Rhye, Little Dragon and Kendrick Lamar.


1. Angelo (Solo Piano)
2. Belmondo (Solo Piano)
3. Nomad (Solo Piano)
4. Calling Out (Solo Piano)
5. Melville (Solo Piano)
6. Milo (Solo Piano)

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