Atsuko Chiba offer a second single from their upcoming full-length, Water, It Feels Like It's Growing, the head-banging prog rock anthem Link, out November 29, 2022.

Gritty, epic and cinematic, Atsuko Chiba's new single delves deeper into the band's immersive, psychedelic sonic universe.

From its engine-like roaring intro, all the way to its clever instrumental coda, Link marches on, Atsuko Chiba fleshing out unequivocally a stern musical take on bringing others down for one’s own benefits.

Calculated percussive aggression from a rhythm section playing with urgency, poly-harmonic guitar lines, alarming synthesizers and booming vocals make this second single from upcoming album, Water, It Feels Like It's Growing, a dissident anthem that’s all at once gritty, epic, and cinematic.

Atsuko Chiba comment: Link is about judgement; how we often tend to judge and belittle others to prop up our own self worth. It’s about the lengths we go through to destroy others, while not taking the time to look inside."

Atsuko Chiba - Link (Official Video): Atsuko Chiba - Link [Official Video] - YouTube

New album Water, It Feels Like It's Growing is as stylistically diverse as it is thematically-anchored, as oddly catchy as it is thoroughly challenging.

Asymmetric, yet seamless time signatures, otherworldly synthetic frequencies, patented harmonies, raga-inspired melodies, cryptic lyrics and orchestral arrangements co-exist within this surreal musical tale recounting one’s relation to their environment.

Archived at Room 11 – Atsuko Chiba’s studio – alongside the band’s sixth member, engineer Matthew Cerantola, this collection of musical moments stems from months of experimentation taken on by the musicians, as well as from conceptual dichotomies born in strange times. Roaming free along a multitude of genres, akin to a flagless ship cutting through beautiful, yet troubled waters, this third full-length from the Montrealers should please fans of The Mars Volta, Beak> or Spirit of the Beehive.

Atsuko Chiba on the new album: "As opposed to our last album, which was about introspection, spacetime and the personal journey, the themes explored on this new album are related to our environment and our reaction to it. Though not meant to be strictly political, our references stem from highly politicized movements and ideas. Division and group ideology are heavily explored. A prime example is the weaponization of vocabulary used to distract, displace and alienate us, forcing us to pick sides on every front. Our lyrics also strongly denote our innate love for all living things, encompassing a hopeful, if somewhat violent, plea for change."

Following two early releases that showcase improvised sessions, Atsuko Chiba recorded a first full-length entitled Jinn in 2013. The artist then followed with two Eps in 2016: Figure And Ground and The Memory Empire. On April 12th, 2019, Mothland released their sophomore long-player Trace, revealing a new depth to their already diversified sonic palette, proposing an elegant balance between straightforwardness and psychedelia. More recently, the quintet provided their fans with a breathtaking live session commissioned by renowned alternative broadcaster, Audiotree Worldwide.

Water, It Feels Like It's Growing will be out January 20, 2023 on Mothland, pre-save it here:

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