Astral Spectre was founded in 2020 by Tenebros as a solo project. It is a blend of harsh 1st wave Black Metal vocals and guitar riffs that evoke the unique feeling of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal. Inspired by classic rock of the 70s, a hammond organ is also included in the soundscape. This modern interpretation of old-school Heavy Metal and Occult Rock with Black Metal vocals has come to be known as Magick Metal in recent years.

The first three songs were written and recorded in 2020, while the mixing and mastering was done in 2021, leading to the release of the demo „The Oath is Broken“ on two limited runs of self-produced cassette tapes.

About one year later, in the first half of 2022, the debut album „Phantom Nightmare“ was finished, including a guest performance and co-songwriter credits of Befana with clarinet and flute.

The album has first been released as a self-produced tape and marks the beginning of the cooperation of Astral Spectre and Northern Silence Productions, who will release it first on limited Digi-2CD together with the demo on a bonus CD (Sep 9th, 2022) and in 2023 on LP. At the same time the album and demo will also be released in separate CD editions, incl. the new track "Running for the Dawn" as a bonus on the demo CD.

For fans of NWOBHM, 1st wave Black Metal, old school Heavy Metal, Magick Metal
Recording info All instruments by Tenebros, except guest performances of clarinet & flutes by Befana.
Mixing and Mastering by Tenebros.

CD 1 - Phantom Nightmare:
1.The Sorcerer and the Demon 03:47
2.Astrology 05:12
3.A Life in Exile 05:17
4.The Clairvoyant's Curse 05:38
5.Phantom Nightmare 06:12
6.Thaumaturgy 04:03

CD 2 - The Oath is Broken:
1.The Oath is Broken 05:06
2.Spiral Ecstasy 05:19
3.The Widow's Tears 05:27
4.Running for the Dawn (bonus track)
Line-up Tenebros – Everything
Befana (Guest) – Clarinet, Flutes

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