Coined by Aristotle, Anagnorisis is a literary term for the ultimate moment of revelation of a character. That moment, which through the unveiling of a previously hidden element of a story’s plot, the character is confronted by his or her true identity.

Anticipating my 40th birthday, I found myself taking the time away from the stage and burrowing down into my own self, looking for new ways to understand and capture who I am. But the more I dug deep, the more the nebula was intangible. Moving, mutating... every time I grabbed it and penciled it down, it would already change and turn into something else.

As an artist it was devastating. To not be able to “capture” something precise. As a human, it was challenging but intoxicating. All the feelings, and stories and deep archetypes in me were all interwoven into a complex, abstract, ever-changing cloud. Trying to capture it would be destined for failure.

Still... regardless of the impossibility... I felt the need to try to portray this landscape. This is “ Anagnorisis”.

The true Anagnorisis of this album is that vagueness, the complexity, multiplicity and confusion are all part of the true fabric of our existence.

The revelation is that there is never just one moment of clarity that represents more truth than any other.
Asaf’s search to describe his one true self leads to an endless whirlpool of changing tides and currents… And all of them are him.

In the album cover, colored shapeless blobs of vibrant colors are ordered on a black background. The perspective eye can make out - there, between those strong colors - Asaf's silhouette in the negative spaces.
While the artist uses these bursts of strong colors to portray himself, he truly lies in the black mysterious negative of them. These colors, our personalities that we display to the world, are not us, but through them we can create a clearer shape of what it is.

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