The solo hard rock project, AS I SPEAK, delivers a heartfelt and powerful offering in "Mend". The emotive music video portrays a dark and real experience shared by many of losing a loved one. While delving into a difficult topic, AS I SPEAK makes a point to focus on the cathartic nature of music as a means to heal.

"'Mend' is a very personal song for me and came from a place of loss. Losing a family member is always difficult but there’s a certain hell in watching someone die slowly from cancer, which is exactly what I did in 2016. I was able to find a sense of closure after finally sitting down and writing about it." - Zach Cunningham

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As I Speak is a solo hard rock outfit from southwestern Pennsylvania heavily influenced by SEVENDUST and BREAKING BENJAMIN and was established in 2021, debuting with my initial single, "Still Breathing". Cunningham shares that "'Still Breathing' was a beautiful fresh start for me and features massive hooks, atmospheric strings and lyrics that center around picking yourself up after it feels like you’ve been broken down to absolutely nothing." In early 2022 AS I SPEAK put a hard rock twist on HALSEY's "Colors", and in September of 2022 the outfit signed with Solunar Records. Most recently, AS I SPEAK released a reimagined version of their track "Control", that had been previously released under a different project, breathing new life into it.

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