Today Antoine Corriveau announces the upcoming release of PISSENLIT, on October 9 via Secret City Records. Three new things in Antoine’s life led to the creation of this album: a car, a studio, and a label. In this order of importance. Since the release of his previous album, “I bought a car,” says Antoine Corriveau. “I drove a lot these last few years.” Escaping far from home, but still somewhat at home—PISSENLIT is a “road album,” like you would refer to a “road movie.”

Today he also shares the second single and music video off the album, “Albany,” one of the heaviest rock songs he ever recorded, with the state of New York and an abandoned house as a backdrop. The music video, which was directed by Akim Gagnon, pays tribute to the Toyota Corolla that inspired the album. "The video is a tribute to the people who have unconditional love for their old car," says Akim Gagnon. For the very first time in the career of the singer-songwriter, the PISSENLIT album will also be released in France, Belgium and Switzerland on October 9. Concert dates in Quebec and Europe will be announced shortly.

The seed of PISSENLIT, Corriveau’s fourth album, was planted at the end of Route 138, “during a writing residence in Natashquan. I drove up there by myself.” Crossing Quebec from the south to the north provoked “a reflection about the territory.” The themes of movement and its opposite, taking root, became “a way to talk about myself through my vision of the Quebec territory, of how it’s inhabited, how it has been developed over the years, over generations.”

In the new surroundings of his own Studio Van Horne, which opened in early 2019, a different way of designing and recording an album emerged, shaking up Antoine’s musical style. The gestation period of PISSENLIT was chaotic. “It reminded me of my twenties, when I was starting to make music by myself at home. I conceived this album as sort of a collage. I wanted it to be eclectic,” says Corriveau, who was partly inspired by Beck’s classic “Odelay” LP. “I love its free-for-all quality. I aimed for that kind of abrupt tonal shifts. Surprises, really.”

PISSENLIT doesn’t so much overturn Antoine Corriveau’s sound that it grows off it, in a quasi-punk, angular, unpredictable manner, free of the string and brass arrangements that had been following him since 2014’s Les Ombres Longues. His music is even free of his signature melancholia, in part at least (you can’t completely reinvent yourself!). This left room for something resembling humour, or certainly the fun of delivering spontaneous, lively, sometimes mischievous songs.

Antoine Corriveau is a fully fledged artist. In the Quebec musical landscape since 2011, he broke through in 2014 with the critically acclaimed Les Ombres Longues. That album featured the song “Le nouveau vocabulaire,” which won the Prix de la chanson SOCAN (by popular vote). Cette Chose qui cognait au creux de sa poitrine sans vouloir s’arrêter was released in October 2016, earning 4 nominations at the Gala de ADISQ, making it onto the Polaris Music Prize 2017 Long List, being included among the ten finalists for the Prix Félix Leclerc – and winning the Prix André “Dédé” Fortin, presented by SPACQ to an emerging artist, as well as the Indie Rock Album of the Year award at the 2017 GAMIQ Gala.


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