On Season 5, Anna composed everything herself and performed it largely herself including vocals, guitar, violin, piano, percussion and harmonium. Talking about the process, Calvi says: “For Season 6 I wanted to bring more musicians on board for a fresh take, and I wanted to find a new musical voice for Tommy. I decided to bring in Nick Launay to work with me – he had produced my last album ‘Hunter’. We faced several challenges on this score as it was during the Coronavirus pandemic, and I was also late into the pregnancy of my first child. The combination of such intense work whilst being heavily pregnant was challenging. I didn’t want it to be seen as affecting my work. Yet at the same time it felt strange to believe, because of the pressures of our society, that I should hide any difficulty I was having. I felt aware that I can’t be the first pregnant person to be conflicted in this way.”

Anna continued working on the score until the night before the birth of her son Elio in November 2021, before swiftly returning to work and racing to finish the whole score as the season’s first record-breaking episode aired all whilst in the early stages of motherhood and adjusting to her new life.

“What I learnt most from writing for Peaky Blinders is to trust my instincts. I realised I shouldn’t be afraid of simplicity, and I shouldn’t assume that if something happens quickly, that the quality is compromised. This whole experience was so wonderful and so intense. I’m so proud of my scores for Peaky Blinders and I would love for this work to be a signpost for future generations of female composers.” The completion of the score marks a tremendous achievement for Calvi and showcases a composer and artist still unlocking and unveiling their full capabilities.

To learn more about Anna Calvi’s writing process for Peaky Blinders and to see behind-the-scenes photos, visit here.

Season 5 - Tracklisting:
1. You’re Not God

2. Tommy’s Requiem #1

3. Tommy’s Plan

4. Death Is A Kindness

5. Black Tuesday

6. I Don’t Like The Life

7. Moseley #1

8. Ruby’s Birthday

9. Grace

10. There Ain’t No Grave

11. We Don’t Like The Life

12. The Execution

13. Do What The Voices Tell You

14. Moseley #2

15. Retribution

16. Reckoning

17. Tommy’s Requiem #2

Season 6 - Tracklisting:

1. Miquelon

2. Esme

3. Under The Maple Tree

4. Gina

5. Ain’t No Grave

6. The Sanatorium

7. Mosley

8. Where Will You Go

9. Pledge Your Allegiance

10. Arthur

11. Esme’s Dream

12. Ruby Has A Fever

13. Jail And Perfume

14. Michael’s Plan

15. Red Right Hand

16. The Eleventh Hour

17. Opium

18. Goodbye Billy

19. Legacy

20. Tommy’s Final Requiem

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