Andhim have made their name crafting a distinctive and straight-up sound, consistent with their own unorthodox approach and genre that they entitled ‘Super House’. Having taken their organic style to dancefloors across the globe, the Cologne duo bring recent experiences together under their ‘Buenos Aires’ EP; inspired by the dancefloors of Argentina’s, Buenos Aires.

“We did the tracks for this EP after our last big weekend in Argentina in May, when we were still buzzing. The tracks are about our love for Argentina. "Last Song" on the other hand is a real hymn. A salute to all the dancers still being on the dance floor when the lights go on”

Built on the same heartbeat, wholly inspired by the rhythms and tempos of sun-soaked Argentina, both tracks ‘Buenos’ and ‘Aires’ bring with them energetic and uplifting melodies; captivating the listener into the hypnotic wave of the Andhim journey. ‘Last Song’ stands as the perfect closing track, following a stripped back, nostalgic style ambient style. Andhim once again pull together the common threads that run through everything they constitute in ‘Buenos Aires’ EP.

  1. Buenos
  2. Aires
  3. Last Song

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