In 2021, bassist Simone Boldini and guitarist Fabio Fiorucci, bonded by a shared passion for music and years of artistic collaboration, decided to embark on a new musical project that would embody their shared vision of epic and power metal genres. Thus, ANCIENT TRAIL was born, a determined duo set on crafting and arranging songs inspired by their journey through both musical and personal experiences.

Leveraging the wealth of experience they had amassed over the years, Boldini and Fiorucci dedicated themselves to the meticulous processes of arranging, composing, and subsequently recording their debut album, titled "The Ancient Force". To ensure the album's utmost quality, the duo enlisted Moz for the lead vocals, choir arrangements, and recording, adding a dynamic layer to their sound.

ANCIENT TRAIL's current mission is to evolve into a full-fledged band capable of live performances, thereby breathing life into more compositions. They are eager to explore broader collaborations and delve into new sonic territories.

Stay tuned for more updates on ANCIENT TRAIL.

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