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Anthony Mills is a unique character. Raised in Ohio by way of Louisiana, he has spent the formative years of his musical career as a hip-hop artist and producer.

Somewhere along the road, Anthony felt that he needed to tell the stories of his heritage – from his French-Creole grandmother to the blue-collar great-grandparents who laid their roots in the factories of Akron, Flint and Detroit. Drawing on traditional plantation song storytelling as well as more contemporary influences, Anthony Mills channels the complex inertia of the Deep South.

On new single ‘rusty cadillac’ he explores the thorny topic of using alcohol to repress emotions, with historical fantasies providing enough distance to act as an observer, telling us “I wanted to teleport the listener to the whorehouse, the saloon, with me and a piano man. Every statement is weighted with a shot of life, sweat and sex. The feeling of wanting to get hammered (and there was always more going on psychologically but that takes a back seat to getting ‘wet’ walking zig-zag and still getting home”

In the video, the image of the Confederate Flag is subverted, in order to take away some of the fearful power it still holds in the US. Mills explains “the flag has been used to burn fear into the hearts of Southern blacks and the diaspora. I remember watching that first epeisode of the Dukes of Hazzard (not knowing anything about the "good Ole boys"). I wanted a General Lee car so bad. I just remember my mom saying ‘no!’ without an explanation.”

New single & video ‘rusty cadillac’ is out January 17, 2020 on all platforms via Icons Creating Evil Art.

New album ‘dranking songs of the midwest’ is coming later this year.

rusty cadillac

  • Released January 17 on Icons creating Evil Art

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