Burgeoning artist Ambar Lucid is doing music on her own terms. The Dominican / Mexican songstress has been at the forefront of the new wave of Indie Latinx artists in America and has no plans to slow down. Signing with 300 Entertainment, Ambar unveils a new record “Get Lost In The Music” alongside the announcement of EP, Get Lost In The Music, releasing June 18.

Continuing Ambar's "conscious spiritual journey," the kaleidoscopic single/video flaunts a dreamy melody, '60’s psychedelic influences, and Ambar's captivating vocals - taking you on a trip inside Ambar's mind. Serving as an unintentional ode to 2020, Ambar's "Get Lost In The Music" is an anthem for letting go of all the negative in the past year and, well, getting lost in the music. On a mission to touch as many souls as possible, Ambar is manifesting radical self love and empowerment with her music. In her own words, “I’m healing our generational trauma.” With 500K monthly listeners on Spotify and over 50K followers across social media, Ambar is continuing to do just that.

The 20 year old's lyrics are casually bilingual, effortlessly slipping between Spanish and English when it suits her mood or the composition. Her highly acclaimed single “A letter to my younger self,” about the effects of her father’s deportation, has over 19M streams. In addition, Ambar released a documentary chronicling the reunion of her and her father called Llegaron las Flores - watch here.

Growing up a stone's throw away from New Jersey, Ambar spent her childhood dreaming of a brighter future and finding refuge in pop artists such as Lady Gaga, Kesha, Selena Gomez... Until, unsurprisingly, Ambar realized that music was and could be her destiny. She started learning to play instruments [ukulele & piano], teaching herself to play the guitar with the help of YouTube tutorials, and began uploading original music to Soundcloud. Organically, a passionate fan base developed.

Gaining praise from renowned media such as Pitchfork, The Fader, NME, The Forty-Five, Complex, to name a few, Ambar is a true One to Watch and is included in Fender Next Class of 2021. Watch out for more surprise appearances coming this summer...


Perhaps unsurprisingly, Ambar knew at a young age that she wanted to make music professionally someday, however, her upbringing made it seem like a “very unrealistic thing to want to be an artist.” Undeterred, she convinced herself that music was her destiny. Around the same time, she began uploading song covers to YouTube, but it wasn’t until she went through her first real breakup at the age of 15 that she realized she had her own unique stories to share. Ambar strummed the pain away on her guitar and recorded the song in a voice memo. In that moment, she officially became a singer-songwriter in her own right. Not long after, she began uploading her original songs to SoundCloud—folk-tinged, bilingual indie pop and R&B tracks tackling the hopelessness and sadness that teens often face in today’s complex world. Songs such as “A letter to my younger self” and “Mar de Llanto'' allowed Ambar to navigate her struggle with depression and the feeling that even her loved ones thought she was “crazy” for following her dreams. In her later teens, Ambar’s sonic palette began to expand past the shiny world of pop she’d been so obsessed with as a kid. Soon, she discovered psychedelic rock, a genre that “changed the game” for her.” Coupled with what Ambar refers to as a “conscious spiritual journey,” this psychedelic discovery sparked a new evolution in Ambar’s sound and aesthetic, creating a whole new world for the dynamic artist: a rainbow-hued cosmic realm of flowers, mushrooms, faeries, and butterflies, all enveloped in a soundscape of soulful vocals, trippy psych-rock, and lush electronics [as heard on her transcendent Garden of Lucid album, released in 2020]. With more new music on the way, including an EP due out later this summer, Ambar is on a mission to touch as many souls as she can through her inimitable sonic storytelling.

Watch the music video here

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