The underground metal scene is a small world after all. Heavy music blog Alternative Control will release the AltCtrl Summer Sampler on August 16th, featuring bands from the blog's home in the northeastern United States alongside acts from the Midwest, United Kingdom, and Australia -- all of whom have been featured on the website in the past several months.

Says blog editor Jessie May, "I'm really excited about the Summer Samplerlineup -- it's got everything from cavemen to dinosaurs, ghosts and grave robbing, thunderbirds and turkey vultures.... The tracks are in alphabetical order by band name to be democratic, which conveniently puts my own band at the end of the list. I might not put my track first, but let's be honest, I'm gonna wedge it in there somewhere! This time around, 'the blog' will be donating half the proceeds to Greenpeace. I went to the aquarium last weekend and they took the plastic straw out of my Dunkin Donuts cup, which made me feel guilty about destroying the oceans with plastic. Recent comps such as Riffs For Reproductive Justice by Black Flags Over Brooklyn have put music behind a good cause... Why not follow suit?"

AltCtrl Summer Sampler will be available in digital and streaming formats on bandcamp. Pre-order here:

AltCtrl Summer Sampler Track Listing

  1. THE AGE OF TRUTH -- Caroline
  2. CASKET ROBBERY -- From Hell
  3. DEVIL TO PAY -- Troglodyte Jive
  4. FUMAROLE -- Ghost Smoke
  5. GHOST:HELLO -- Burnout
  6. THE LAST MARTYR -- Fear
  7. THUNDERBIRD DIVINE -- Qualified
  8. TOMMY CONCRETE -- Diplodocus
  9. TURKEY VULTURE -- Jolene

Album Information
Curated by Jessie May and Alternative Control. Sampler will be available for name your price download with no minimum beginning on 8/16/19. The collage artwork was made from National Geographic, Good Housekeeping, Fairfield County Beat Magazine, origami paper, and a wildlife calendar.

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