London-based multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, producer and performer Alfie Templeman has announced his eagerly-awaited second album Radiosoul and has released the vivid title track.

Radiosoul is an ambitious suite of tracks that showcase a bold new acid-pop direction for the Bedfordshire-born polymath. The record features production from Templeman as well as Nile Rodgers, Dan Carey, Karma Kid, Oscar Scheller, Will Bloomfield, Justin Young, Josh Scarbrow and Charlie J Perry. It is an album of self-discovery, one that zips between genres at whim and showcases a newfound incisiveness and acerbic humour to Templeman’s lyricism, whilst retaining the sense of joy that defined his previous releases. It is the work of a prodigiously talented songwriter truly coming into his own.

Templeman says “In February 2023, I planned a small trip to the USA and fell back in love with recording music. I visited Nile Rodgers in Miami and Oscar Scheller in LA, then came back and hung out with a bunch of amazing producers in South London: Charlie Perry, Karma Kid, Dan Carey, Will Bloomfield and Josh Scarbrow. During the next 5 months we’d make my next album together. I’d go home and craft songs; taking from ideas I had dating all the way back to 2017. Then we’d meet up and make things spontaneously. There’s an exciting energy that gets captured when you don’t know what’s coming next. Every song is intentionally different from the last. It’s about the weird and the wonderful, the big, bright, bursting moments and the quiet, raw, reflective moments. Back when I started out, what really excited me was using music as a way of documenting my life. Each EP felt like a little diary entry, taking the last half a year of my life condensed into a few songs. This album really reminds me of that, but this time it looks back at my whole life. I finally feel a little more confident about fighting the darkness that will inevitably lurk around from time to time. This album is about turning 20: entering a new decade of your life and figuring out how you guided yourself to where you are now even if you don’t really know how”

The kaleidoscopic five minute sweep of the title-track rubber-stamps Templeman’s credentials as one of the finest songwriters of his generation. Combining elements of psychedelia, soul and indie, “Radiosoul” creates an escapist feeling that underpins the whole album. “Radiosoul” was written by Templeman whilst he was searching for a respite from social media, seeking a place where he could take refuge from the noise.

Going deeper on the track, Templeman says “Radiosoul delves into the profound impact of social media. People go to great lengths to conceal their imperfections, committing to this growing and burdening illusion. I think the song to me just helps to embrace the little imperfections of being human, I wanted it to build up like a big warm hug. It’s okay to get away from your phone for a while and clear up that headache feeling. It’s like a breath of fresh air.”

The announcement of Radiosoul follows the releases of the strutting single “Eyes Wide Shut” - a widely-acclaimed track that was named BBC Radio 1’s Hottest Record In The World upon release, appeared on 27 Spotify New Music Friday and 47 Apple New Music Daily playlists around the globe and ushered in the new era of Alfie Templeman. With the new album inbound, it’s only an upward trajectory for Templeman from here on out. Stay tuned for more news.

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