Trampoline, a chilling look at the nonsense of bullshit jobs where human beings are turned into cold, spiritless machines. The free folk garage duo Alaska Gold Rush is back at its best with this subtle tune full of catchy melodies and 90’s drive.

Directed by Renaud Ledru (the singer), the documentary-style video features an employee crumbling under files: an illustration of burnout in an administrative environment.

Alaska Gold Rush’s third album “Human Flare” will be released on April 29, 2022, ten luminous tracks on the theme of humans in their relationships with others.

About Alaska Gold Rush:
Alaska Gold Rush carves its free folk garage into folk songwriting to extract new forms. The Belgian duo unfolds its stories in songs dressed in poetic texts and subtle melodies with an impressive guitar-drums combination. Renaud Ledru (guitar, vocals) and Nicky Collaer (drums) fill the whole space, going back and forth between intensity and delicacy in a haunting, wavy movement. Two Gallants meeting Big Thief.

05.03.22 – ECAUSSINES (BE) – Arc En Musique Festival
08.04.22 – BEAURAING (BE) – Beauraing Is Not Dead (Kids show)
08.04.22 – BEAURAING (BE) – Beauraing Is Not Dead (Evening show)

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