Norway’s newest addition to the international music scene, the 18 year old artist and producer Alan Walker, releases an alternative version of his hit single ”Faded” that reached #1 on the Belgian iTunes charts and on Shazam and #2 on Spotify. Faded (Restrung)” is a stripped-down version of the song.

"I released "Faded" in December and it's such a success, first in the Nordics but now it is picking up all over the world. It’s hard to grasp, overwhelming really. With ”Faded (Restrung)” I wanted to make an alternative version to highlight other aspects of the song; to present it to another audience who may like Iselins voice and the melodies but can’t stand the electronic parts of it, hehe. I’m very inspired by movie soundtrack producers such as Hans Zimmer and because of that I have always wanted to produce an orchestral version of my own. So, instead of making the typical remix of ”Faded", me and my team produced and arranged this version of the track which ultimately became "Faded (Restrung)”.” - Alan Walker

The video features a string ensemble and the Norwegian singer Iselin Solheim who has been widely acknowledged for her vocals on ”Faded”. Alan also joins the video behind the piano.

"With the video for ”Faded (Restrung)” we wanted to do a live session of the song, but we also wanted it to have a natural link to the official music video. This way, all the elements of the song are linked to each other and together they become a continuous story”. - Alan Walker

Alan released his single ”Faded” on December 4th, 2015. Shortly after its release the song sky-rocketed to the top of the Spotify and iTunes charts around the world, making him one of music’s hottest new names 2016. The track is #5 on Shazam’s worldwide chart, #13 on the Billboard Hot Dance/Electronic Songs chart and #7 on the Spotify Global chart – accompanied on top #10 by stars like Adele and Justin Bieber. On Spotify ”Faded" has gained over 80 million streams to date. He has dominated the official singles charts in Scandinavia since December and has already reached 2x Platinum in Norway and 3x Platinum in Sweden, Platinum in Finland and Gold in Denmark and the Netherlands.

Watch the video:

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