Aime Simone has released his brand new single ‘Strange Inside’. It is the latest song to be taken from his forthcoming debut album Say Yes, Say No out July 31st.

‘Strange Inside’ is a dark guitar-laced trap track about being blocked, either literally or within the mind. It is a consideration of motionless states, within relationships or within oneself.

The song has been inspired by the Covid-19 pandemic and addresses perseverance and survival through the current human disconnection that feels as if one is living in a space of projection, missing first-person physicality. It tackles the condition of interacting through a screen and viewing the outside world from a technological cocoon, creating a fantasy and alternate reality in order to make it bearable to be isolated.

Regarding the single Aime says, “Stagnation and boredom forced me into creating my own reality and to live through my imagination, stories that brought movement to the plot of my life. I try to remind myself that the future is full of surprises, always unexpected, that’s a truth that helps me get through weeks of what feels like the same day.”

The forthcoming album Say Yes, Say No is a bright and soulful record from the Berlin-based, Parisian singer and is entirely self-written, produced and mixed. It is an open journal and a journey that weaves from reflective nostalgia of melancholic lows, to a breath of new energy and hopeful sentimentality.

Say Yes, Say No is a sensitive and unique take on pop music and finds Aime inspired by his varied influences; from post punk and indie rock, to hip hop and trap, as well as soul and 60s pop.

The album prompts a response from all emotions. It’s a record to dance to, as found in the vivid alt-pop of lead single ‘What’s Up With The World?’, while it’s also a record to cry to. The latter provoked by deeply honest and moving moments such as the haunting ‘Don’t Be Sad’, or the single ‘In This Dark Time’, also recorded in reaction to the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Say Yes, Say No carries an inspiring theme throughout, revealing a supportive message of comfort to those who have ever felt alienated or isolated.

This is demonstrated directly in the title itself. Say Yes, Say No reflects a life of self-doubt, heavily influenced by icons, while also dispirited by the opinions of others. Ultimately Say Yes, Say No flourishes to celebrate a new found self-confidence.

Aime Simone’s character is both unusual and complex, dictated by a life that has experienced great highs, the deepest lows, and huge challenges.

Say Yes, Say No plays as an open diary, deeply honest and therapeutic, both sonically and lyrically. Inspired by life changing moments and a fresh outlook on the world, the album is captivating and thought provoking. Say Yes, Say No is an intimate introduction to the fascinating being of Aime Simone.

  • “Aime Simone’s uplifting melancholic pop finds hope in apocalyptic times” - Daily Star
  • “Aime Simone offers tenderness… A songwriter of rare depth, the emotional undercurrents from his work are innately tied to the world around him.” - Clash

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