Agoria’s upcoming ten-track album, ‘Drift’ is an eclectic, electronic album - the next in the line of classic French electronic albums. From ‘drift’ music to hip-hop to esoteric downtempo. It's the DJ's 5th album, and his first album in 8 years. The French producer's last solo record was the 'Boomerang' EP in 2017. Set for release on April 26 on Mercury France / Virgin UK (Universal Music).

Drift is sitting on your sofa between your guilty pleasure and your tasteful opinion," says Agoria. He collaborates with a handful of artists on the record, including Phoebe Killdeer, STS, Jacques and Oscar-winning sound designer Nicolas Becker.

Agoria started producing and releasing his own tracks in 1999. Apart from his work as a DJ and producer, Sébastien Devaud has also founded Nuits Sonores, one of the best European festivals. Sébastien is one of the most influential figures in French electronic music among others like Laurent Garnier, Daft Punk, Justice and Cassius. The DJ has made a name for himself in French music, fashion, film and art, and has incorporated influences from all these worlds into his new album as well as his live shows.


  1. Embrace (feat. Phoebe Killdeer) (4’03)
  2. You’re Not Alone (feat. Blasé) (album edit) (3’09)
  3. Arêg (4’43)
  4. It Will Never Be The Same (feat. Sacha Rudy)(1’53)
  5. Call of the Wild (feat. STS) (3’20)
  6. Dominae (2’59)
  7. A One Second Flash (3’49)
  8. Remedy (feat. NOEMIE) (2’59)
  9. Scala (feat. Jacques) (4’25)
  10. Computer Program Reality (4’36)

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