Veteran Dutch DJ/producer-duo Showtek unveils their massive new album "360 Blue," which continues their "360" concept, started in late 2023, and sees the duo returning to their hardstyle roots with the 15-track body of work. Throughout their 20-year career, the brothers have become sonic maestros who have shown passion, dedication, and appreciation for many genres of music, including house and big room, pop, indie, and, of course - hardstyle, which has skyrocketed them to worldwide fame over 2 decades ago. The genre that started it all for them takes center stage on "360 Blue," which begins with "Dear Hardstyle" with Earl St. Clair, an ode that thoughtfully mixes an emotive spoken manifesto with upbeat, hard-hitting production that makes for an epic anthem. Each next record embraces a unique variation of the theme, from the festival-friendly heaters "Spaceman" with DJ Isaac and "Mirror Mirror" with Steve Aoki and Jem Cooke to the slightly ethereal "Dream (Adrenalize Remix)," and more. Showtek finally rounds out the heart-pounding rhythms with the memorable, haunting notes of "Heaven or Hell." Showtek premiered the "360 Blue" album at their sold-out show at the Sydney Showground Stadium earlier this month. With almost 10,000 Australian partygoers, the legendary duo took their new and old fans on a musical sinister journey, performing for almost 2,5 hours, serving as a prologue to more hardstyle events in 2024 where the duo will be showcasing their new LP. Their first "360" concept came in the form of "360 Yellow" last winter, which showcased their house/big room sound, and the following "360 Red" is set to be released later this year.

About the "360" concept:

"After producing a variety of genres over the last 20 years, we felt it was time to bundle each genre into its own primary colour in the '360' project. '360' tells and captures our story of being more of an all-round act, having toured around the globe multiple times, and showing our love, passion, dedication, and appreciation for all the genres in the electronic music space. Being a DJ allows you to touch base with many different cultures worldwide; it's hard to just stick to one thing or genre. As a human you grow, you develop, you broaden your horizon, or just look at things differently. It's important to transcend that into your music as well. Different music is made for different moments, and scenarios. Festivals, clubs, venues, sports stadiums, radio, beach, road trips, etc. We aim to showcase the wide range of passion for different styles under one umbrella. This has been very challenging, but we feel that with the 3-part '360' concept, we can give each genre its own identity and still be Showtek. We had hits like 'Booyah', 'Bad' with David Guetta, and 'Believer' with Major Lazer, in the big room sound, with 'FTS', 'World Is Mine' and the 'Ftrack' still being fan favourites in the hardstyle scene, we are proud that these songs have become staple in each genre, and are still being played every day worldwide, by fans, listeners, and DJs. Moving forward, and looking forward we are eager to grow and expand, and compartmentalize each sound to make sure every sound has the Showtek signature." - Showtek

"360 Yellow" album (released on Nov 17, 2023): "Focussing on the house and big room dance sound. Music that we have been releasing as Showtek for 10 years, Very festival and club focussed, and lower to higher energy." - Showtek

"360 Blue" album (out on Jun 20, 2024): "This is pure hardstyle music. We built a legacy in this genre, and have a huge amount of fans worldwide that have been listening to us since day 1. After taking a 12 year break from the genre, we have reignited it with new gained experience, a fresh approach, more mature but still Showtek. Melodic, anthemic, and with a message. This is high energy." - Showtek

"360 Red" album (to be released later in 2024): "This will be a blend of styles, a fusion of sounds, ranging from pop or indie leaning topics still with an electronic foundation, but not necessarily made for the dancefloor only. But to listen in the car, at home, or anywhere else." - Showtek

Showtek, the globally celebrated Dutch production duo composed of brothers Wouter Janssen and Sjoerd Janssen, has left an indelible mark on the international music industry with their memorable anthems and high-energy performances. Originally launching their career in electronic music as Hardstyle DJs/producers, Showtek achieved undeniable success and is renowned for producing the world's number 1 hardstyle anthem to date - "FTS." Over the years, they have evolved into an undisputed leader within the electronic dance music industry, boasting platinum-selling, chart-topping singles that have resonated around the world. One of their standout achievements includes the massive success of their track "Bad" with David Guetta, featuring VASSY, which has amassed over 1B streams, solidifying Showtek's global impact and popularity. The duo's collaborative spirit is evident through their partnerships with renowned artists, such as Major Lazer, David Guetta, Steve Aoki, Tiësto, Hardwell, Ida Corr, Timmy Trumpet, Wyclef Jean, Moby, and others, showcasing their versatility and ability to seamlessly blend their signature style with diverse musical influences. In addition to their chart-topping success, Showtek's highlights include the platinum certification of their hit track "Booyah" with We Are Loud and Sonny Wilson, further cementing their status as trailblazers in the EDM scene. Their ability to bring together fans through a shared love for music, excitement, artistic freedom, and adventure has turned Showtek into more than just an act. It's a movement.

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