Rejecting the concept of irony wholesale, acab brik makes witty, introspective rap-inflected pop music. They take influence from both the London queer punk scene where they first made their name and lo-fi electronic music, extensively using vocals recorded on iPhone.

brik is co-founder of acab family, a collective of hard-left rappers and singers based in South London which also includes Chevy Blazer. brik made their debut on the song K.O. #1, a posse cut remix of a song by London emo band itoldyouiwouldeatyou which featured, among others, Master Peace and WORSTWORLDPROBLEMS.

In addition to a number of self-produced beats, they also work extensively with nomorewillroam (of WORSTWORLDPROBLEMS) and Leeds-based rapper and producer Yung Ivy.

It is their dream to murder the rich and kiss a girl, in that order. Music video:

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