A VOID is a parisian rock band formed in 2014 by singer/guitar player Camille Alexander and Roman Zaborski (drums). After a lot of appearances and brief changes in the band, Robin Dickinson joins the project pretty quick as a bass player and in 2016 the band released their first EP "Roses As Insides", with no label, that will be accompanied by a UK tour, made possible by the « Godfather of Punkettes », Steve Iles.

The sound is still raw and this first EP is marked by grunge influences, often compared to Hole, Nirvana. During this year, Marie Niemiec becomes the drummer of the band and the power trio marks their territory in the french capital, playing a good number of underground music venues in Paris, such as Le Supersonic, le Bataclan, le Bus Palladium, or la Féline . After seducing the parisian scene, A VOID becomes an explosive duo composed of Marie and Camille and sets off to make its mark in England.

The band has been making their way through the London underground scene for two years and meets their new bass player in the mean time, Aaron Hartmann. In this new confirguration, they continue to play London and other cities in the UK, before going into exile in 2018 in the french countryside to record their first album « Awkward And Devastated » that will be released on the 10th of November 2018, with a launch party at Le Supersonic, Paris (free entry) followed by a France/UK tour.

A VOID has always been a DIY band, self-managed and this first album is going to be self-released and all the artwork (album cover, tour poster etc) have been created by the singer Camille Alexander. The Sonic spirit, absurdist and sometimes even a bit anarchist of the trio is crystalized in the first single « Glum City », a whacky first music video that announces the release of the album!

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