A Somber Funeral, the enigmatic force in black metal, just released the premiere of their upcoming album "Summertime Sorrow", set to be released on March 1, 2024. The album, released under Silent Watcher Records, will be available in digital, LP, and CD formats, offering fans an immersive experience into the depths of black metal.

"Summertime Sorrow" delves into profound themes of trauma, melancholy, grief, longing, and near-death experiences, encapsulating the profound loss of a person. A Somber Funeral's musical journey takes listeners on a deeply emotive exploration, intertwining elements of atmospheric and post-metal to create a rich tapestry of sound

Recorded in the fall of 2023 and expertly produced by Thomas Schatz, "Summertime Sorrow" showcases the band's evolution in both musical complexity and thematic depth. The album's artwork, crafted by All4Band, further amplifies its emotive resonance, inviting listeners into a world of introspection and contemplation.

Drawing inspiration from bands such as Agrypnie, Cult of Fire, and Ellende, A Somber Funeral offers a unique blend of intense emotion and intricate musical arrangements. "Summertime Sorrow" is a testament to the band's commitment to pushing the boundaries of black metal while staying true to its roots.

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