Austin Texas metal band A GOOD ROGERING are streaming a lyric video for their song "Hands of the Conqueror" at Metalsucks. The song is from their released album Systematic Paralysis which was released in April.

The band comments "We were thrilled to again work with visual artist Scott Rudd (Opeth, Iron Maiden) on "Hands of the Conqueror '', a lyric video from our latest release, Systematic Paralysis. The album art imagery, created by The Horux, paradoxically places the impending grip of AI and our contemporary masters against a desolate landscape void of distractions consuming the modern world. We felt this aesthetically complimented an abstract lyrical premise which alludes to the lore of distant cultures and kingdoms still bound to the present by a timeless truth."


Eclectic rock with a hard hitting twist is the offering from the strange and unusual outfit, A GOOD ROGERING. The new album, Systematic Paralysis, is a thrilling rock album that reaches beyond the periphery delving into lyrical themes exploring a world gone terribly wrong.

“This Austin-based crew grind out acid-edged hard rock and groove metal that’ll have fans of classic ’90s acts like ALICE IN CHAINS and MELVINS foaming at the mouth.” – The Pit

A GOOD ROGERING materialized circa 2008 in Austin, Texas. With two albums, an EP and several singles under their belts, A GOOD ROGERING has toured the US and opened for such acts as SKID ROW, Marty Friedman (MEGADETH), Uli Jon Roth (SCORPIONS) and Steven Adler (GUNS N’ ROSES). Venturing through a dystopian world, the new record is a journey fusing classic rock elements with heavy distortion, anthemic choruses and funky grooves. “Face Value” kicks off Systematic Paralysis in earnest as driving percussion and fast rhythms conjure a surge of power. Their non-conformist approach sees tracks ranging from the blues inspired “Hands of the Conqueror” to “SIYF” delivering a theatrical edge infused with aspects of atmospheric black metal.

A GOOD ROGERING are masters of packing a hefty punch with their dark, aggressive heaviness and soaring dynamic melodies. With tracks bringing both electric energy and serene calm, Systematic Paralysis explores the apocalyptic rather beautifully.

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