A GOOD ROGERING have released their single “Face Value” on streaming platforms. With a career marking over a decade, A GOOD ROGERING thrive on taking their releases in unexpected directions drawing influences from southern rock to primal metal and even the Romantic period.

Listen to the song on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/47GBWF3UuChG0QwiwZ7NeT?si=Q-HykDSNRimiFIWwqIcQOw
Watch the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J2VAy3ixN7I&lc=UgxVogDuV-ssDIOYVAJ4AaABAg

Following the release of their 2019 singles, the acoustic-driven introspective “Out of Reach,” and the funk anthem about a Persian cat, “Mr. Peanut.”, A GOOD ROGERING are preparing to drop their new album in 2022. Fusing heavy distortion, anthemic choruses and funky grooves, the new double single brings a powerhouse of energy. Driving percussion and fast rhythms open the track with an intense momentum and agitated anticipation. Compelling vocals delivering lyrics with a dark undertone of being disconnected from reality contribute to the intriguing mood of their sound. Segueing seamlessly between tracks, A GOOD ROGERING play with the dynamics of the music to develop the ongoing narrative.

Abiding by genre conventions is not something A GOOD ROGERING consider in the song writing process. Throwing all manner of influences and musical styles into the mix, they have produced a hard hitting, electrifying sound. It’s sheer creative madness.

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